What’s new at Toronto Beach Chorale

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck and emergency measures were imposed, Toronto Beach Chorale cut short our 2019-2020 season. We’d just had a well-received performance of Carmina Burana at St Anne’s Anglican, our first major concert outside the Beach area. The cancellation was a setback for devoted choristers and audiences alike, as we all watched the world screech to a halt.

TBC choristers held their annual general meeting virtually in July. At that time it seemed unlikely that regular rehearsals and performances would resume any time soon. Our Artistic Director, Mervin W. Fick, proposed to turn TBC into a centre of learning, so that as long as we were unable to perform, we could at least build our musical abilities. We reassembled at Beach United Church this September with a paradigm shift of masking and social distancing, and TBC master classes are now underway.

It’s been challenging to make music with a mask and social distancing, and we all do miss the opportunity to sing and perform together. But we are working hard through our master classes to build our sense of rhythm, improve our sight reading, and develop our musicality. Like many other musical organizations who have begun using technology to provide alternatives to live performances, we are planning virtual performances, such as an emailed holiday greeting, and a short pre-recorded concert to be presented in a public indoor space.

We all hope this ‘new normal’ soon yields to a better and safer future. We look forward to a time when we can return to live performances and test our artistic training before a life audience once again. Hopefully we will see you at a concert in the not too distant future.

Toronto Beach Chorale proudly thanks Rama Toronto East for funds raised through its Charitable Gaming.